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                Annual meeting | Do not forget the initial heart, 2019, we will work together!

                52 Published by xia, Crystal Jan 25,2019

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                In the hope of everyone’s eagerness, on January 18, 2019, Yaoertai Technology held the 2019 New Year’s Annual Meeting.With the warm sunshine and joy in the winter, the senior management, strategic partners and group employees of Shenzhen Yaoertai Technology Development Co., Ltd. gathered at Haiweixuan Restaurant.Everyone crossed the threshold of time and was happy to meet a “reunion” gathering to spend an unforgettable moment together!

                This annual meeting will be carried out with the theme of “Cohesive Strength, and Win-Win Future”, which will comprehensively summarize the overall development of Yaoertai Technology in 2018 and strategically plan the future development of Yaoertai Technology in 2019.

                Annual Meeting Sign In

                Everyone signed in, took the red carpet, signed, and took pictures, reflecting the efficient efficiency of the people in the city.

                A smiley face, full of different stories, each story carrying the memory of Yaoertai.



                Annual meeting begins

                The shocking countdown sound and light show opened the curtain of the entire annual meeting. The unforgettable drums and the ever-changing light and shadow will instantly ignite the festive atmosphere on the scene.

                Leader’s Speech

                At the beginning of the annual meeting, Mr. Yang Junwen, the general manager of Yaoertai Technology, expressed his sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks to Yaoertai Technology Development Co., Ltd. for the arrival of the distinguished guests!First of all, he affirmed the contributions made by various departments of the company in 2018, and expressed gratitude to all the staff for their hard work. He expressed hopes for the company’s continued growth and development and made new plans and prospects for 2019, inspiring everyone. Going to the next step, working together, and building the team’s combat power to the peak with strong morale and vitality.

                Mr. Yang’s talking is inspiring and will surely bring together the strength of all employees to make the company a new levol of development in 2019.

                In the new year, I hope that all dealers, customers and friends have a happy family and healthy life. I hope that the company can linger, get out of yesterday’s mud and meet a better future!

                Wonderful Dinner

                At the annual meeting of “Cohesive?Strength, and Win-Win Future”, the surprise sweepstakes, dances, music, games, dramas…the wonderful programs took turns, and the applause never stopped.


                In the annual meeting, colleagues from all departments have done their best to make everyone happy, and the various programs are dazzling and climactic.Everyone can sing and dance, and there are versatile and lovely customers who sing the songs and add color to the party.

                On-Site Awards

                The most exciting thing is the live sweepstakes. With the third and second prizes being announced, the atmosphere of the annual meeting is gradually warm, and the announcement of the first prize is to make the festive atmosphere of the annual meeting soar.

                Looking back at the journey of Yaoertai Technology in 2018,there are setbacks and successes.Every progress and growth can’t be separated from them.A group of cute and respectable people of Yaoertai.They stood on the stage, shining,and they used their example power to inspire everyone present.


                Personal Style Display


                Team Style Show


                On the day of the annual meeting, it was still a young lady’s birthday.Yaoertai Technology personally ordered a longevity noodle for her. Let us wish her to be 18 years old every year. Just like Yaoertai Technology, she will always be full of vigor and vitality!


                Leader Toast

                Mr. Yang Junwen, the general manager of Yaoertai Technology, toasted the audience with the management. With the exciting lottery and songs, the atmosphere of the annual meeting was once again culminated!

                We are all striving to run. We are all dream catchers. In 2019, Yaoertai Technology will not forget the initial heart, gather energy, set sail, move forward, and innovate again!

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